“On vacation, Pasha eats 12 hours”

TV presenter Laysan Utyasheva carefully monitors your diet so that you always stay in shape. The gymnast cannot afford to eat whatever she wants, unlike her husband, a humorist Pavel Volyawhich does not limit itself in goodies at all, and at the same time does not get better at all.

Utyasheva said that at first the difference in diet with her husband was not easy for her.

“It’s very hard for me to live with a person who can do anything. But I learned to put up with it. On vacation, Pasha eats for 12 hours. Almost all the time. Where is it all? Daring cooking.”

Utyasheva also hopes that their daughter Sophia will inherit his wonderful metabolism from her father.

“For a girl, this is wildly important. Boys do not focus so much on their appearance, thinness,” the gymnast added.

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