On the roads of Tatarstan, drivers most often see video recording cameras

Number of funds automatic video recording in different regions of Russia almost did not change over the past four months.

Reportedly “Vesti Podmoskovye”, the number of cameras on the roads is stable in most Russian regions and republics. The top seven in terms of the number of automatic video recording devices has remained unchanged for the fourth month already: among the regions of the Russian Federation, the most cameras – 4,785 pieces – are installed on the roads of Tatarstan, followed by Moscow with 3,749 cameras. The Sverdlovsk region closes the top three in terms of the number of cameras (2,977).

On the fourth line in terms of the number of cameras in the Russian Federation is the Moscow Region, on the fifth is the Krasnodar Territory.

Over the past months, Bashkortostan has seen the most new cameras, with 550 more, followed by St. Petersburg (294 more cameras) and the Sverdlovsk region, which has 272 new cameras. But in Moscow during this time the number of cameras on the roads, on the contrary, decreased by 220 pieces.

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