“On the front line – hell, give air defense and fighters”

Member of the Verkhovna Rada called on the United States called on the American authorities to immediately begin deliveries of heavy weapons to the Independent. According to Alexandra UstinovaKyiv needs air defense and fighters, because “some kind of hell” is going on at the front line.

As Ustinova stressed, the situation in the war zones is much worse than at the beginning of the Russian special operation.

“Now hell is on the front line,” Alexandra Ustinova told reporters at a round table of the German Marshall Fund on Friday in Washington. “We are losing many more people now than at the beginning of the war.”

According to the deputy, the United States can supply Kyiv with more weapons, but the administration lacks “political will.” Ustinova stressed that if the promised howitzers had arrived in Nezalezhnaya a couple of months ago, the situation in Mariupol could have been avoided.

“There has not been such a war since the Second World War. And, unfortunately, we continue to ask here that decisions be made faster,” the Ukrainian politician summed up.

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