Officials: Truck bomb damages bridge between Crimea and Russia

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) — A truck bomb caused a fire and the collapse of part of a bridge linking mainland Russia with the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by the Kremlin, Russian authorities said Saturday.

The vehicle caused a fire in seven cars of a train carrying fuel, which, in turn, caused the “partial collapse of two sections of the bridge,” explained the Moscow National Anti-Terrorism Committee, which did not immediately blame anyone for the incident.

Images posted on social media allegedly showed the fire and damage to the affected section. The authenticity of the reports and photographs cannot be immediately verified.

The fire came hours after explosions rocked the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv early on Saturday. This caused huge plumes of smoke and set off a series of secondary explosions.

The city’s mayor, Ihor Terekhov, said on Telegram that the early morning explosions were the result of missile attacks on the city center. The episode caused fires in one of Kharkiv’s medical institutions and in a non-residence building, he added. No casualties were immediately reported.


Schreck reported from kyiv. Francisco Seco contributed to this report from Kharkiv.

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