Official answers to the main questions on partial mobilization

The portal explain.rf answered the main questions related to partial mobilization

The portal explain.rf answered the main questions related to partial mobilization

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The state portal “Explain.rf” gave official answers to all the main questions on partial mobilization. We publish a list of the most burning and important topics on the KP.RU website.


? Mobilization is a reason for bailiffs to postpone your case?

Enforcement proceedings against military personnel will be suspended. If enforcement proceedings have already been initiated against you, you can write an application directly at the recruiting office, and the issue will be resolved (strictly for the duration of the service). For this purpose, officers of the bailiff service will be in the military enlistment offices of all regions of the country.

? While partial mobilization is underway, is it possible to go to serve not in the troops, but in the National Guard?

Yes, you can, but only if you are not called up as part of the partial mobilization in the Russian Armed Forces.

? Is there a list of professions or specialties who are eligible for deferment?

One – no. The list of specialties with a deferment from conscription is published separately by the relevant departments.

? Where will my work book be while I am called up for partial mobilization? And what will be written in it?

As soon as you bring the agenda to the personnel department at work, an entry will be made in the work book that the employment contract has been suspended. And since you are not fired, but only suspended the employment contract, the work book will be with the employer all this time.

? What will happen to the loans of citizens who fell under partial mobilization?

The Bank of Russia sent out special clarifications to credit institutions. They recommend:

during the term of the call not to accrue penalties to borrowers;

do not make demands for early fulfillment of obligations;

do not demand the return of overdue debts;

to suspend the collection of overdue mortgages and not to evict the families of mobilized borrowers from apartments for which the mortgage was overdue;

develop special loan restructuring programs (including mortgages) while the borrower is mobilized.

In addition, a group of senators introduced a bill to provide a grace period for paying a loan for contract soldiers and those who fell under partial mobilization.

? I recovered at the university and continue my studies. Does this count as first-time education?

Yes, it counts. If you have recovered at a university and continue your studies, then this is considered a continuation of obtaining an education of the appropriate level for the first time.

? Will the mobilized money be returned for unused tickets?

Yes, they will return. Aeroflot, Pobeda, NordWind, Rossiya and Azimuth have already guaranteed that they will return the money. The Ministry of Transport is negotiating with S7, UTair, Ural Airlines and others.

The fact that they are ready to return the money to those mobilized was also announced by Russian Railways.

How to return: if the ticket was purchased before September 21, you need to contact the place of purchase and provide documents confirming the mobilization.

? Can the agenda come at the place of work?

Yes, for example, to the personnel department or to the military registration desk (if any) of your enterprise.

? So is it possible to travel outside the region of residence or abroad?

Under conditions of partial mobilization, there are no restrictions on the movement of citizens of the Russian Federation.


“Violations are unacceptable, those mistakenly called to return”: Putin held a meeting of the Security Council on mobilization

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the Security Council on Thursday evening. At the very beginning of the meeting, the Russian leader for the first time commented on the partial mobilization. The President reminded that there should be no violations (details).

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