Off the coast of Romania, military divers defused a sea mine

A sea mine was discovered in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania, it was defused.

It is reported by Ukrinform with link to the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

A drifting sea mine of the YAM type (small anchor) was discovered on the evening of July 31 in Romanian territorial waters – at a distance of about 2 nautical miles (3.6 km) from the coast of Romania, opposite the resort of Eforie.

The EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) diving group of the Romanian Naval Forces transported the mine to a safe place and destroyed it with an explosion.

As noted, after the start of Russia’s unprovoked military aggression in Ukraine, this was the second operation of the Romanian Navy to destroy a sea mine.

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The first naval mine discovered in the zone of responsibility of the Romanian Navy was destroyed by reconnaissance divers of the 39th diving center in March.

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