occupation operator. Who takes out the stolen Ukrainian grain from the Zaporozhye region

The Russians created a special company in the part of Zaporizhia Oblast, which they called the State Grain Operator. What kind of power is out to lie – it was unreasonable. Your task is to buy up grain in the local agrarians, legalize the stolen goods from the hoarded agricultural enterprises, save it and bring it to the Russian market.

The policy of occupiers is sharpened at once only for those who want to stir up people and get grain. For wheat, in the fallow type, it is charged from 9 to 12 thousand rubles per ton. This is lower than the purchasing prices of Ukrainian grain traders. Who and how will organize the transfer of the Ukrainian money from the paid-off territories?


Svitlana Shevchenko, c. about. occupying “minister of agro-industrial complex” in the Zaporizhia region

Svitlana Shevchenko, so the titles of “Minister of Agroindustrial Complex and Food Policy of the Zaporizhia Region” in the FSB occupational “order”. Before the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, she lived for 2,000 kilometers from Melitopol, on the Gastello wire, near the town of Biysk, Altai Territory.

In her fatherland, she worked as a vice-director in the agricultural company Priozernoe. And at the same time, the region came to Zaporizka to help steal Ukrainian grain and primushu population to spivpratsi.

“Come to the State Unitary Enterprise GZO, there is a lawyer, and in the same place you put contracts for the sale of your products,” says Shevchenko in one of the propaganda plots. “Today, without a doubt, already 60% of the wholesalers, nevertheless, have become more active and are more willing to make contact with us.”

Rosyanka also says that the government saw combine harvesters for farmers, so that the stench could harvest the crop. It was reported that for whom they brought picking equipment from Russia to help the “liberated” territories. And even then there is a comedy story, even if there is a story about the Zaporizhka region. The very same, from the dealer center of the John Deere company in Melitopol, near the Russian quarter, to be more precise, – kadirivtsi, stole two combines, a tractor and a shovel of a variety of less than 1.5 million euros.


The equipment of the dealer “Agrotek-Invest” was stolen in the territory of Chechnya. Photo: Agrotek-Invest

Let’s install the GPS, the lords of the plundered company Agrotek-Invest looked at their John Deere even near Chechnya, in the village of Zakan-Yurt, not far from Grozny.

Who got the stolen equipment? Yak z’yasuvav Center for Journalistic Investigationsharvesters and tractors were brought to the territory of the “state farm” Zakan-Yurt “, the specialization of which is the cultivation of grain.

The village of Zakan-Yurt of the Achkhoi-Martanivsky district is seen as the family nest of the head of the order of Chechnya, Muslim Khuchiev and his brother Tamirlan Khuchiev, who is a great administrator of the district. The rest of the memory is also that 11 years ago he was appointed director of the Akhmat Kadirov Foundation.

Zagalom, for the CNN tributehanging from the Melitopol district, 27 units of agricultural equipment worth 5 million dollars were stolen.

From the same time, they steal back the agricultural equipment, deprive the farmers of the hopeless choice in advance, and at the same time generously help solve the problem, the farmers of the agrarians remain in the fallow land in front of themselves. And you won’t go anywhere else – you need to pick up combine harvesters from the occupiers of the cloudy grain company, as it is not registered anywhere, but is called state-owned.

In such a rite, the grain is voluntarily-primus-buying from farmers, along the way, registering them with Russian taxpayers, and promoting yoga to the elevators. It is clear that this sharashka grain office of the occupiers does not have their own grain warehouse in the Zaporizhzhina region. Ale in the list of objects, where farmers are ordered to bring zbіzhzhya, there are 13 silos.

Most of them were buried, but a part of the Vlasniks worked with the occupiers, although they did not advertise their collaboration activities.

Since the grain has gone to the elevator, the task of the grain operator of the occupiers is to recover the stolen goods under the eyes of the Russian.

Oleksiy Sergiyovich Dzhurkin was born in Yaroslavl, lives in St. Petersburg, and worked as the financial director of the Torgsin company.

This is a fact: in 30 years, I would call it a little radyansk pridpriyemstvo, like in the hour of the Holodomor, the food of people eating on the basis of koshtovnost was changing for a price, hundreds of tons of gold. Ale of St. Petersburg’s such a nasty vidsilka, it seems, did not lyakala.


Oleksiy Dzhurkin, spokesman for the occupational “GUP” GZO “. Photo: propaganda dzherelo

In 2020, the deputy Oleksiy Dzhurkin arrived at Sevastopol, de trying to become a deputy of the “legislative assembly” in the party “LDPR” Zhirinovsky. So I tried to get through to the deputy in the Gagarinsky district, but I didn’t see it either there or there.

At once Dzhurkin, like a lot of other Russian nevdas from Crimea and Sevastopol, leaning on new territories to pay off. I’m borrowing wine from the “grain operator”, the propagandists do not specify. And let’s see who cares about the occupational company.


Mikita Busel, General Director of the occupational “SUE “GZO”

Tse – Mikita Petrovich Busel, director of the so-called “state grain operator”. Tezh rosіyanin, and tezh came from St. Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg Busel has a hotel, another one near Pdmoskov and a lot of confectionery shops. He is also the founder of the company “Impulse”, as it was previously called “Megapolis” and took away the rich billiard work for the life of the roads. These are named more individuals – the bulk of the country-aggressor, who commit military malice on the occupied territory of Ukraine – take part in the illegally seized lane and organize the transportation of grain from the industrial regions of Ukraine by sea, transshipment and automobile routes.

Ale did not happen to this cloudy grain company and without collaborators. Denis Semiryak, resident of Sevastopol, citizen of Ukraine. Judging by the plant, we are engaged in the purchase and sale of Ukrainian crops.


Denis Semiryak, manager of commercial catering of the occupational “SUE “GZO”. Photo: Vkontakte

“This year, 1.5 million tons of grain have been harvested in the Zaporozhye region. This is more than 500 thousand hectares harvested. In other territories, we had arson and shelling. They just burned down,” Semiryak says.

І at last: at the vivienne of the zbіzhzhzha by the zadіznichnym way, the company-operator “Technotrans” is located. Її grain trucks can be seen on the video.


Grain carriers of the Technotrans operator company Photo: propagandistic dzherelo

The company is led by Russians Victor Chuykin and Diana Maksimova. Millionaire Chuykin was one of the first businessmen in Russia who was engaged in the transportation of grain on the cob for more than 2000 years. At the same time, Technotrans will be a great grain terminal at the Vysotsky port on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It is possible for the project to transship 4 million tons of grain for rivers, of which 3.5 million for export.

It is also the same time for the western lands and Ukraine to apply sanctions for the companies and the Vlasniks. Like the functionaries of the “state grain operator”, which ensures the regime of food appropriation in the Zaporizhia region.

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