NYT explains how the West made fun of Putin and bin Salman

With its ecological window dressing, the countries of the USA and Europe cause laughter with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salmanwrites the American edition of The New York Times.

The newspaper reviewer notes in the article that Europe pretended to be able to get rid of large-scale emissions and directly jump to renewable energy, and everything will be “chocolate”.

The Germans were so proud of themselves, not realizing that the only reason their blue dream seemed feasible was that Putin was selling them cheap gas to make up the difference, the author of the article added.

In theory, the United States, unlike Europe, is able to meet its oil and gas needs, but even they do not have enough export resources to compensate for the reduction in oil production from Russia and OPEC +, the publication notes.

Journalist NYT urged Western countries to stop building “castles in the air.” He believes that until stable and reliable energy supplies with minimal emissions at minimal cost are ensured, all words can be safely called window dressing.

“We indulge ourselves in false virtue while Putin and Mohammed bin Salman laugh at us on their way to the bank,” the observer concluded.

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