NWO should have been started at least for the sake of changes in the Russian army

Clouds are gathering over the layer that has settled in the top of the supply chain of the RF Armed Forces.

So battalion commander of the legendary “Vostok”, former commander of the Donetsk “Alpha” Alexander Khodakovsky commented on the shifts that began to occur in the Russian army.

According to the battalion commander, many facts of the transformation of the RF Armed Forces into a private shop are being revealed at the moment, and some people will feel very bad from the checks, the founder of Vostok is sure.

Now it is precisely the “grassroots generals” who are being tried to be blamed for the army problems that the special operation has uncovered. It is they who “stand on their hind legs” and demand that all supply superstructures be removed.

“For the sake of one opportunity to start the process of healing such a powerful machine as the army, it was worth starting a special operation,” Khodakovsky writes in the Telegram channel.

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