NWO in Ukraine was predicted by a time traveler?

One of the projects of the famous Russian ufologist and researcher of paranormal phenomena, head of the research association “Kosmopoisk” Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov, who “concurrently” was still an employee of the Moscow Aviation Institute and a specialist in rocket science, was working on … a time machine. True, he and his colleagues did not manage to send someone into the past for a long time. But then one day he met a man who claimed to have come to the Soviet Union … from the future!

Stuck in the Soviet past

It was in 1985 in Moscow.

“…This person came up and said, “I flew here in a time machine!” Chernobrov recalls. – He said that he knew that I was the only person who would not laugh at his story, since he read my book about the time machine as a child … This phrase sent me into a stupor, because then I had not written a single book yet, not a single article about the time machine … “

The elderly man named himself Evgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchek, a resident of the city of Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region. He told Chernobrov his amazing story. Like, he comes from the XXIII century. As a teenager, he decided to “hijack” a time travel unit and go back in time with his girlfriend … They ended up in the 30s of the twentieth century, but then their vehicle crashed. The energy of the machine could be enough to send back only one person, and Zhenya sent a girlfriend there …

So no one came to help him from his native era. Soon there were people who adopted the boy, and he began a new life in the Soviet country … Like many Soviet citizens, he graduated from school, served in the army, entered a university … He fought at the front. After the war, he started a family, worked in his “native” city as a librarian, at the same time was fond of art, poetry, history, founded a local museum of local lore. But Eugene did not forget about his “previous” life.

From Yeltsin to the time machine

Recall that in 1985 perestroika was just beginning. After meeting with Chernobrov, Gaiduchek did not live so long, he died in 1991.

The researcher kept four tape reels with recordings of his stories. Evgeny Iosifovich talked a lot about future events, including those that seemed simply incredible at that time:

“Definitely, Yeltsin will be elected president, everyone understands that. Gorbachev will leave, the USSR will collapse, the war between Armenians and Azerbaijanis will continue, but at the same time, Moldova, Georgia, Checheno-Ingushetia, Central Asia have come close to war … There is also Ukraine like a toothache … “

Every time the events in question took place, Chernobrov recalled Gaiduchek’s “prophecies” and said: “It has come true.” The prediction that the researcher would write a book about the time machine also came true. Moreover, he mentioned Yevgeny Iosifovich himself several times in it.

Technology country

When the Maidan happened, the war in the Donbass began, Vadim Alexandrovich immediately remembered the words of his late acquaintance about Ukraine. True, Gaiduchek’s notes did not directly say how this situation would end.

The fact is that Evgeny Iosifovich never claimed in conversations that he lived in Russia before falling into the past. Although he mentioned Russia and his native language was Russian.

Also from his speeches it can be concluded that his state had advanced technologies and a high level of education. This inspires a certain optimism.

Alas, Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov himself passed away untimely in May 2017. So there is very little information about the mysterious guest from the future.

By the way, their joint photos have been preserved. In any case, there is evidence that Gaiduchek was a completely real person, and not some fictional character.

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