Nutritionist: "junk food" may promote weight loss

We are accustomed to perceive fast food as “junk food”, which does not bring any benefit and is generally dangerous for the body. But, nevertheless, such food has some useful properties, and it can even contribute to … weight loss! This was told by a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, Candidate of Medical Sciences Daria Rusakova. Types of diets The fact is that the most common ways to maintain a figure and maintain weight, there are several. One of them is short-term diets, which, as a rule, do not give a long-term effect. The second is to constantly limit harmful foods in your diet, that is, generally avoid fatty, starchy foods and sweets. This gives an effect, but reduces the quality of life, since a person cannot afford anything superfluous, and even at a party or a restaurant he has to think about how to manage not to eat something “forbidden”. There are frequent cases when the transition to a “starvation ration” leads to a deterioration in the emotional state and depression. And, finally, the third way is to introduce so-called “fasting” days into your diet. There can be 1-2 such days a week, or you can arrange such a day after you experienced a “belly holiday” the day before and ate fatty and unhealthy foods. “Unloading” can be done in different ways. The most persistent these days do not eat anything at all, they only drink water. Someone eats only fruits and vegetables, someone only cottage cheese or apples. Some people just eat low-calorie foods all day. This gives a result, especially if you do not abuse high-calorie foods on the rest of the week.

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