Nutritionist called the methods of combating coffee addiction

Nutritionist Anna Goncharova in a conversation with Pravda.Ru, she explained how to deal with coffee addiction. The expert warned against imposing a drastic ban on this drink.

“Any rejection of familiar products that systematically enter the body during the day for many months triggers a restructuring of the body. A sudden ban on the usual coffee can cause an increase in diastolic pressure, a sharp deterioration in performance, mood changes, problems with stool,” the specialist warned. .

Along with this, she advised every three to four days to reduce the amount of coffee consumed by 100-150 milliliters, that is, up to three to four cups. Also, the endocrinologist told how addiction occurs.

“Adenosine receptors provide a positive and invigorating effect from a cup of coffee. If we do not stimulate them, a slight feeling of weakness, powerlessness and low mood develops,” the interlocutor of the publication concluded.

Earlier, nutritionist Elena Solomatina said that four cups of coffee reduce the risk of cancer and dementia.

“Coffee prevents damage to blood vessels and neurons, the myelin sheath that covers the nerve bundle. That is, the drink helps to preserve memory,” the doctor said.

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