now Ukraine criticizes Elon Musk, but later will run to him for help

Ukraine forgot about the help of an American billionaire Ilona Mask after he published a post about the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict, the observer reports The American Thinker Monica Showalter.

The other day, Musk became the object of fierce criticism from Ukrainians. Kyiv quickly forgot that in March 2022, the entrepreneur provided Ukraine with satellite Internet access using the Starlink system.

The author of the article cited as an example unflattering remarks about Musk by the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnyk and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. The latter called the entrepreneur “pro-Russian”.

“There was nothing to swear and stoop to the battlefield – especially to the one who readily came to the rescue of his country in difficult times … When the realization comes, you will again have to run to Elon Musk for help,” Showalter noted.

She came to the conclusion that the officials of the Kyiv regime, including Zelensky, are unworthy of their posts.

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