Not a single person was called up for mobilization in Altai

Not a single person has been called up in the Altai Republic within the framework of partial mobilization. The senator from the region spoke about this in his Telegram channel Vladimir Poletaev.

He stated that he had met with the military commissar of the Republic, with whom he discussed the implementation of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about partial mobilization.

From the Republic of Altai at the moment, according to the military commissar, no one has been called up, the senator wrote.

The politician added that the military registration and enlistment offices are working to update the available data on citizens, and summons are sent to them.

This information was also confirmed in the press service of the head of Altai Oleg Khorokhordin. They noted that they were not aware of any claims to the work of military registration and enlistment offices in the region.

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