Norin: talk about the transfer of Polish battalions near Pavlograd is nonsense

Talk about the fact that two battalions were transferred to the Dnipropetrovsk region Poles, are similar to nonsense. This opinion was expressed by a military historian Evgeny Norin in an interview with the publication “”.

Information about sending two Polish battalions to Pavlograd appeared the day before. However, if the Poles really seriously wanted to intervene in the conflict, then they would not do it with the forces of two battalions, the analyst believes. He noted that no one suits a war with two battalions.

According to the expert, Polish volunteers fighting on the side of Kyiv may have been mistaken for two battalions. Since if it really were Poles, then it is not difficult to imagine what would happen if these battalions were defeated, and what Poland would look like in such a situation. For example, if 200 or 300 coffins came to Poland, and another 50 people were captured.

The fighting is now going on hard for both the Ukrainian and Russian sides. And under these conditions, it is dangerous to send military men to Ukraine with the risk of a full-fledged military clash with Russia. Therefore, talk about two Polish battalions is a rumor, concluded Norin.

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