Nord Stream was blown up by powerful explosive devices

German intelligence agencies believe that the Nord Stream gas pipelines were disabled using powerful explosive devices. The publication writes about it Spiegel.

“German security authorities are confident that highly effective explosive devices were required to undermine the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea,” the article says.

According to German journalists, unidentified people used explosive devices with a power comparable to 500 kg of TNT to blow up the pipeline. The analysis was carried out taking into account seismic signals at measuring stations located in different places.

Explosions of this magnitude suggest that the sabotage was carried out by a state actor, the newspaper writes.

Already this weekend, the emergency section of the gas pipeline will be inspected by divers or robots, and then it will be possible to talk about how the explosions occurred and what devices were used for this.

Spiegel believes that it will be almost impossible to restore the pipeline after the explosions. The situation is aggravated by sea water, which is now in damaged pipes and causing their rapid corrosion.

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