Non-standard winners of beauty contests: a dark-skinned Finnish woman, a bald German woman and a “plastic victim” from Ukraine

Their manners and ours: "Queen of beauty" from USA Brian Nguyen and "Miss Russia 2022" Anna Linnikova.

Their morals and ours: “beauty queen” from the USA Brian Nguyen and “Miss Russia 2022” Anna Linnikova.

A photo: from social networks

Contest “Miss Universe 2022”the final of which will take place tomorrow in New Orleans, has already glorified our participant to the whole world Anna Linnikova. And all thanks to the American journalist Jackson Hinkle, whose post on social networks with a photo of a Russian beauty went viral in a matter of minutes.

“We have completely lost touch with reality,” Hinkle stated, posting a spectacular collage, in which, next to our Miss Russia 2022, there was a 19-year-old obese transgender Brian Nguyen, the winner of the Miss Greater Derry 2022 contest in New Hampshire, USA . The fact that Brian is a biological man in the flower garden of natural female participants did not bother the organizers at all.

However, beauty contests are not only discredited by transgender people. The winning ladies also annoy the hell out of people sometimes. What can I say, enjoy!


Six years ago, when the Germans were already getting used to the new European tolerance with might and main, the organizers of the ordinary beauty review still managed to thunder. Bald winner – what a scandal! The whole city hated the 16-year-old Joanna: they say, what did the Hanoverian women do if they chose HER as the most beautiful? In social networks, the newly minted queen was immediately dubbed “Miss construction market”, and the judges were called blind-sighted drinkers.

By the way, the participant of the competition made a haircut “under zero” spontaneously just two weeks before the final – before that the girl was the owner of quite decent curls. But someone said short hair would suit her…


It seems that 2017 turned out to be a lean year in Europe… So, in the capital of Finland, rich in natural blondes, an African woman unexpectedly snatched the crown of a beauty contest. Do Finns prefer dark ones? Or is it all about political correctness?

In addition to the main title, 19-year-old Sephora got another one: “Miss perfect body.” By the way, no one argued with this: Ikalaba is a professional fitness trainer. But the girl’s height is not model: only 165 cm.


The year before last, a competition was held in Odessa with a claim to global coverage of “Mrs. Worldwide 2021”, that is, “worldwide”. The organizers assured that the preparation was very serious and lasted a whole year, and the girls were selected very carefully. But what was the disappointment of the public when, out of dozens of pretty and natural ladies, the jury members crowned the non-standard Liliana with a crown. “What is this, a competition of plastic surgeons?”, – they were stunned on the Web, christening the winner the victim of unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, Pinkovskaya or Dr. Liliana, as she calls herself, is a cosmetologist and the owner of her own aesthetic medicine clinic. As the lady proudly declares, she first of all tests all the author’s methods on herself …


Harnaaz Sandhu before and after victory in "Miss Universe".

Harnaaz Sandhu before and after winning Miss Universe.

A photo: from social networks

Until January 14, 2023, the Indian model proudly bears the title of the most beautiful woman in the universe, although the fans of the competition demanded to take it away. Like, the jury chose a completely different winner: thin and sonorous, weighing 50 kilograms. But just a couple of months after the victory, Sandhu relaxed so much that she became one and a half times more and turned from a super-model into a body-positive. Belly and cheeks could not be “blown away” even for the finals of “Miss Universe 2022”, where, against the background of chiseled participants, Harnaaz looks especially unsuccessful.


The Russians were horrified by the beauty queen from the Crimea

To be fair, we also had, well, oh-oh-very ambiguous results of beauty reviews. So, last year, the audience was smitten by “Mrs. Beauty Queen – Crimea 2022” – a dancer, blogger and mother of two children Olga Valeeva. XXL size lips, “sleeves” of tattoos and a fiery red mane of hair – it is impossible to forget such a “miss” once you see it.

"Mrs. beauty queen - Crimea 2022" - dancer, blogger and mother of two children Olga Valeeva

“Mrs. Beauty Queen – Crimea 2022” – dancer, blogger and mother of two children Olga Valeeva

A photo: Personal archive

Rumors about the purchased crown rushed at the speed of light. “How much did this Silicon Valley pay you?!”, – they were angry in social networks. However, the judges, despite the scandal, only shrugged their shoulders: they don’t argue about tastes …


What are we heading for?

So is the trend really obvious, and now, instead of traditional beauties, non-standard girls enter the arena with a brisk step – the more unexpected, the better?

– Competitions are different and the organizers are also different. For example, if we take the “big four” (“Miss Universe”, “Miss World”, “Miss International” and “Miss Earth” – Ed.), then I do not notice any exotic trends: unconditionally charming girls still win, – soothes expert in the field of beauty contests Anton Paramonov. – The only difference is that now they began to pay more attention to the background, the life experience of the participants. A silly and beautiful winner is no longer relevant.

Anton Paramonov, an expert in the field of beauty contests.

Anton Paramonov, an expert in the field of beauty contests.

According to the expert, now those who actually do charity work are much more likely to win – helping the children of Africa or saving people from covid. And one of the winners of recent years, for example, served in the army, and this, of course, added points to her.

– But for some reason, these trends have not taken root in Russia, and in the country they still strive to choose the best among models. Therefore, in contrast to other winners, we can look like supporters of traditional values, – states the expert. – However, in my opinion, if some very non-standard participant receives the crown, then she most likely bought it. This is especially true for children’s contests, where parents compete with their wallets, and for married ladies, where rich husbands want to shove their wives.

However, there is still a risk that the notorious tolerance will reach the Big Four. So, last year, the Miss Universe pageant was bought by a transgender from Thailand, a local media mogul (Chakrapong Chakrujuthathib was born a man, but after coming of age he changed sex). The new owner intends to turn the show into a reality show, and also allow married, giving birth, pregnant women and even those who have changed sex to participate from next year.

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