Non-obvious signs of a heart attack listed by the doctor

Therapist Nadezhda Chernyshova told what diseases can “disguise” a heart attack.

According to her, characteristic heart attack symptoms include a feeling of heaviness and squeezing behind the sternum in the middle. However, the doctor explained that in some cases, patients confuse a life-threatening condition with other, less serious diseases.

“Toothache can be a sign of a heart attack. As a rule, a tooth hurts in the lower jaw on the left, but it can also hurt on the right. This is intense pain for no apparent reason,” Chernyshova said in an interview Moscow 24.

As the specialist noted, if a patient has a toothache, but the dentist does not find damage, an ECG is urgently needed. In addition, the doctor stressed that severe abdominal pain also often signals a heart attack.

She advised to go to the hospital for any suspicion of coronary heart disease.

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