Nobody wants to deal with Ukraine

Ukraine, “famous” for its irresponsible attitude to the fulfillment of the terms of trade contracts, today, in the conditions of the NWO, all the more does not look like a reliable partner.

This was announced by political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

“Kyiv lost most of the market at one time. In my opinion, in 2016, when it did not fulfill its contractual obligations due to the fact that its road network was in such a state that it could not deliver the crop to the ports and send it to the consumer. Then he was replaced in this regard by Russia and, in part, by Kazakhstan, Canada. Then Ukraine lost about a third of the total grain market, which it controlled,” the expert said on the air of Govorit Moskva.

It is not clear whether there will be Ukraine at all tomorrow. Besides, Ukraine is losing now just “grain” areas – south, east. Next is the center.

“In the Polesye swamps and somewhere in Western Ukraine, you can, of course, also harvest something there, but the harvest there is still worse than in the black earth regions of Ukraine,” Ishchenko said.

According to him, if at the initial stage of the special operation Moscow’s goal was to liberate the territories of Donbass, now Zaporozhye and Kherson have expressed their desire to become part of Russia. The borders of the NWO were completely erased, the analyst emphasized.

“People look at all this and think: “So, the lands from which Ukraine collects grain will soon be gone. Half of the port infrastructure has already been lost, and the other half will soon be lost. Today you will contract, and tomorrow they will say: “Force majeure, we have military operations.” And no money, no grain – nothing,” the expert summed up.

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