“No one will be able to take Snake Island from Russia”

Serpent’s Island is the key to Odessa. Confirmation is the great attention paid to him by the Russian command on the first day of the special operation in Ukraine.

This is written by military commander Alexander Sladkov.

We took Serpentine and Kyiv admitted this with pain, declaring that the garrison of the island died heroically. But he simply voluntarily surrendered to the Russian Navy.

Then the situation calmed down, says Sladkov. The Russian side controlled this small foothold in the Odessa region.

And then, believing in themselves, the Bandera began to storm the Serpentine, deciding that this moment was the most suitable, “in connection with the protracted confrontation in the Zaporozhye, Kharkov and Donetsk directions,” the military commander is sure.

“However, it turned out that if we are talking about something that must necessarily belong to Russia, in the current military sense, no one will be able to take it from Russia,” Sladkov says in particular.

Kyiv and the airborne assault tried to land, and the sea, lost fighters and a bomber, as well as helicopters. Plus 30 drones (including nine Bayraktar), three armored assault boats.

Fifty saboteurs, combat swimmers landed – our anti-sabotage forces worked flawlessly, summed up the war correspondent.

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