No one knows if Moscow will go for a complete shutdown of Nord Stream

Whether Russia will go for a complete halt in gas supplies when the Nord Stream is closed, no one knows. This was stated by Alexei Belogoriev, Deputy Director for Energy at the Institute of Energy and Finance, commenting on Pravda. Ru A statement by the German government that Russia can take advantage of Nord Stream’s annual maintenance to completely cut off gas supplies to the country.

“It all depends on the circumstances. The European Union, Germany in particular, does not plan, as far as we know, to take steps this year to cut off Russian gas supplies and are really afraid of this, because without Russian pipeline gas it will not be possible to survive the next winter in any normal way, so as not to did the German authorities, the European authorities, no matter how not to reduce consumption, not to raise prices, thereby attracting liquefied gas, not to resume coal-fired generation, and so on,” he said.

According to the expert, the current level of LNG injection is at a good level, close to the annual average.

“And what is typical, despite problems with gas supply, most European LNG will not slow down the injection rate, including German ones, preparing, first of all, for winter. reduce risks. Now we have June, July is ahead – the lowest season of demand, “concluded the interlocutor of Pravda.Ru.

Earlier it was reported that the German government expressed concern that Russia would take advantage of the repair work on the Nord Stream and completely stop gas supplies.

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