No one can send you to the hospital without your consent. Who can take over the pension for you? | Series

Eva (78):

She was an active senior, lived alone in an apartment, went shopping, went to a senior club and enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren. One day, however, she tripped on a rug in the hallway and fell. She had to be hospitalized after a nasty and painful fall. In order for Mrs. Eva’s daughter to be able to take care of everything she needed, she secured a power of attorney – a document that described specifically who empowered whom to do something. She was hospitalized for a long time, so in order to be able to collect her mother’s pension, she also had to go to the municipal office where she applied, and thus became a special recipient of the pension insurance benefit.


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To whom can a doctor tell you about your medical condition? Who can look at your medical records and can this group of people be somehow limited? There are rules laid down by law. As well as when your consent is required for health care and under what conditions you can be hospitalized without consent.

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