Niurka Marcos defended Shakira after accusations of spite for “Music Sessions #53”

(YouTube Capture: Bizarrap // Instagram Photo: @niurka.oficial)
(YouTube Capture: Bizarrap // Instagram Photo: @niurka.oficial)

Niurka Marcos paused his scandal with Maryfer Centeno to publicly defend Shakira against signs of spite. And it is that the Colombian star unleashed criticism on social networks for taking advantage of her musical session with bizarre to launch, once again, against Gerard Piqué for his controversial break.

It was during a meeting with the media recovered by Wake up America where Niurka Marcos sympathized with the native of Barranquilla for attacking the ex-soccer player in a song that has already exceeded 28 million views on Youtube. Likewise, he assured that at no time has he perceived that the singer is a spiteful woman, much less for telling her version of the separation from her.

In less than 24 hours, the collaboration between Bizarrap and Shakira accumulated more than 28 million views on YouTube.  (Photo: Instagram @bizarrap)
In less than 24 hours, the collaboration between Bizarrap and Shakira accumulated more than 28 million views on YouTube. (Photo: Instagram @bizarrap)

Everyone who does with their lives and their decisions what they want. The lady has every right to express her pain because the audience has accompanied herhas supported her, has triumphed and has transmitted to people, not only women, but also men who also empathize with her, how she has overcome her issue.

The Cuban explained that Shakira is sad about everything that happened, but she is not angry, since a person who finds herself in that situation continues to seek the affection of the one who abandoned her and begs to return, something that is outside of the Colombian, well In his song he made it very clear that he does not want to know anything more about the father of his two children: Sasha and Milan.

Spite or Schemes is a woman or man who is swearing at their ex, but still fucked him*. Did you understand that? That you have finished with your partner, that you are angry, that you are talking very ugly about him, but that if he comes back to you you fuck him again, because you need more of him […] I don’t think she wants me to be close to her children living in Madrid.” I don’t think she wants him to be her man again.

Niurka, very much in her style, argued that anyone can express their pain through art and in a certain way showed her support for the most famous Latina in recent years.

Just a few seconds after the premiere of Music Sessions #53 were enough when users of social networks put on the table the possibility that Shakira and Bizarrap had plagiarized a part of the chorus. And it is that as they commented, there are similarities between the chorus that lengthens the word “You” and Only you, a song that Briella released about six months ago.

The speculation reached the ears of the Venezuelan singer-songwriter, who, puzzled by the situation, turned to her account TikTok to speak about it:

I really think that Shakira was inspired by my song “Solo Tú” to do her Bizarrap Session […] It should be noted that I released my song six months ago and it went viral here on TikTok. I do not make this video with the intention of looking for problemsI am a lifelong fan of Shakira, I am a fan of Biza’s work and I really I’m in shock, I don’t know what to do.

Briella hinted that does not intend to proceed legally against his Latin American colleagues because he is their fan, however, he thinks that they would have been inspired by his theme in some way. Meanwhile, Shakira and Bizarrap have not commented on the matter and possibly will not unless a review is initiated against them.


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