Nikolai Baskov, who has changed beyond recognition, was found in the hospital

Nikolay Baskov on the air of the show "Life and destiny" on the channel "Russia 1"

Nikolai Baskov on the air of the show “Life and Fate” on the channel “Russia-1”

Nikolay Baskov got to the hospital the other day. People’s Artist of Russia A few days ago he was hospitalized in one of the capital’s clinics. The singer admitted that the cause of poor health was a sore leg.

At Nikolai Baskov inhave health problems. natural blond was hospitalized. “This time it came to hospitalization. Baskov has already said – he has leg hurt. Does the people’s artist really have varicose veins?” – society chroniclers of the show “You won’t believe it!” on the NTV channel are wondering.

By the way, myself golden voice of Russia I have repeatedly said that artists suffer from an occupational disease – varicose veins. At the end of November, the singer will be discharged from the hospital. “I’ll be out in a few days,” he reassured 46 year old artist.

Fans are very worried about Nicholas. Recently, many have been discussing the fact that the artist has changed beyond recognition. Fans suspected something was wrong with the health of the pet.

At the same time, the artist continues to work stoically: he performs on stage and participates in various creative projects. He has a very busy work schedule, Basque literally works hard. Perhaps because the singer’s body sometimes fails And he has to go to the doctors.

By the way, recently Baskov had to perform with acute pain. Before the concert, he went to the dentist. The doctor advised him not to delay treatment. Performer of the hit “Sharmanka” chose not to let the fans down and took part in the event, overcoming weakness.

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