Nikolai Baskov was taken to the stage by the arms

Nikolay Baskov.

Nikolay Baskov.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Nikolay Baskov not so long ago was in the hospital. Golden voice of Russia got to the doctors suddenly. The cause of poor health was a sore leg. The artist was prescribed bed rest, but he disobeyed the doctors.

At Nikolai Baskov not so long ago having health problems. natural blond although he calms the audience, they say, everything is fine with him, but recently he alarmed the people. He took part in the shooting of the New Year’s “light”.

Golden voice of Russia appeared on stage accompanied by assistants. He could hardly walk. Baskov was led by the arms. The singer was limping on one leg. Each step was given to the star with difficulty, reports site On stage, the artist hardly moved.

When the words sounded: “Happiness suddenly knocked on the door in silence. Are you really to me? I believe and I don’t believe …”, Nicholas broke into a smile.

Fans are very worried about the pet. Recently, many have been discussing the fact that the artist has changed beyond recognition. Because the fans suspected something was wrong with the health of the pet.

Wherein the artist stoically continues to work: performs on stage and participates in various creative projects. He has a very busy work schedule, Basque literally works hard. Perhaps that is why the singer’s body fails and he has to go to the doctors.


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