Nikkei: North Korea was able to improve its missiles after 2019

North Korea has been able to improve its missiles since 2019, making them harder to intercept, according to the Nikkei newspaper .

In particular, the rockets were switched to solid-fuel engines – this will complicate satellite reconnaissance and speed up the preparation of the rocket for launch, since liquid-fuel engines take a long time to refuel and cannot be stored in a filled state for a long time. However, solid rockets also have their downsides.

The newspaper notes that after 2019, the DPRK increased the total share of rocket launches with solid-propellant engines. In addition, missiles have become more maneuverable – it has become more difficult to intercept them.

Earlier, the Federation Council commented on the adoption by the DPRK of a decree on nuclear weapons.

The Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK adopted a decree entitled “Policy on Nuclear Weapons”.

The document includes 11 paragraphs, which contain theses on the purpose of nuclear weapons, the composition of nuclear forces, command and control over them, the principles of the use of weapons, mobilization and other aspects.

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