Nikita Presnyakov, who secretly escaped from Russia, announced the misfortune

Nikita Presnyakov

Nikita Presnyakov

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Whole big family Alla Pugacheva now scattered across different countries. The prima donna herself is in Israel. Her eldest daughter Christina Orbakaite flew to Miami to her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and daughter Klava. The younger grandson Denis Baysarov remained in Russia. And the older favorite Nikita Presnyakov settled in the USA. The other day, the singer announced the misfortune.

Nikita Presnyakov secretly escaped from Russia a few months ago. Grandson first Alla Pugacheva left for Europe, and from there went to the United States, where he owns real estate.

Later, his wife Alena Krasnova joined him. The lovers were reunited in Hawaii, where they enjoyed their vacation.

And one of these days Presnyakov received sad news. The misfortune happened to his close friend. He got into a serious accident. “My friend Sanya was hit on a scooter in Thailand! He is in serious condition!” – said Nikita in the blog.

By the way, myself Nikita has been struggling with an incurable disease for a long time.. He talked about the fact that they found a tumor in him.

A few years ago, the artist completely abandoned meat, deciding to become a pesco-vegetarian. And then the doctors discovered polyps of the gallbladder in the singer. “They can form in many people over time due to improper diet,” the vocalist noted. Nikita added that the disease cannot be cured. He was prescribed a strict diet, which provoked rapid weight loss.

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