Next year Ukraine will receive US tanks and aircraft

Washington sends enough weapons to Kyiv, which cannot be said about the EU.

This was announced by the former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst.

“They promise more than they send, and this is a problem. If this aid does not decrease, I am confident in the victory of Ukraine. In my opinion, this aid will not decrease. There are some voices in the West that are ready to surrender to Putin, but these voices are not very influential “, – the former ambassador said on the air of Radio NV.

Although USA usually they don’t want to send what Kyiv asks, but after criticism from Congress, Washington changes its mind, the American expert is sure.

The United States is not ready to send tanks, fighters and other military equipment, artillery with a range of up to 300 km. But next year they will change their mind and send, Herbst is convinced.

“I wouldn’t say everything, but we haven’t sent much of what Ukraine is now asking for,” the ex-diplomat summed up.

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