“Next to me is the best woman whom I fell in love with at first sight”: Artyom Kacher spoke for the first time about the family

Singer Artem Kachera

Singer Artem Kachera

A photo: Personal archive

The name of Artyom Kacher thundered when the musician sang “Sad Dance” with the Artik and Asti group. There was also the Voice project, where Kacher was the star of Leonid Agutin’s team. Now the musician’s tracks occupy the top lines in the charts, Artyom records duets with the most popular stars and has already become a prominent figure in show business.

Last August, at the New Wave contest in Sochi, Kacher made a marriage proposal to his beloved Alexandra Evans, to which she agreed. The couple got married in January. About the personal and not only the musician spoke in an interview with KP.RU.

Photo: personal archive

Photo: personal archive

– Now there is talk that due to sanctions, licenses from popular projects can be revoked. Including the “Voice”. Is it necessary to come up with something in this spirit or is the project no longer relevant?

– Any large-scale musical project is a chance for a novice artist, and an opportunity to understand how cool you are and whether you need to “pump” something somewhere for experienced artists. I am sure that the jury in the show “Voice” get something more than a meeting with talented guys, they can assess what is happening in the music world with a fresh look.

Undoubtedly, such projects are needed. And it doesn’t matter what they are called, whether it’s a franchise or something of ours. And, if the Voice format is officially banned in our country, I have no doubt that something else, even cooler, will immediately replace it.

I participated in the first “Voice”. Nobody knew anything about the project at the time, except that it was going to be something big. And I remember the queues for castings and fears that you won’t even get to the audition in time, such was the hype.

What gave me “Voice”? First of all, he gave me confidence in myself. A creative person always needs to receive confirmation that he has chosen the right path. Of course it’s an experience. When you are at the beginning of your journey, and great artists give you advice, this will not be taught in any university.

– Someone thinks that they get into the “Voice” only by pull …

– About blat on projects, I’ll say this: I’m the artist who never got anywhere through blasphemy. Fart has always been my pull (laughs).

– Recently, Alexander Gradsky passed away. What is his departure for you, what meeting with him is most memorable.

– A very big loss for the music world. Gradsky had a unique ability – he charged with his optimism, sense of humor. When Leonid Agutin, unexpectedly for everyone, chose me, we met with Gradsky. We greeted and he silently looked at me for a few seconds, and then said: “Lenya did everything right.” I am extremely grateful to him for these words.

Photo: personal archive

Photo: personal archive

Eurovision was not broadcast in Russia this year. Is this a plus or a minus for us?

– Eurovision is a wonderful dream for artists, a goal to which you want to go. This is an amazing stage for musicians who have already taken place in our country, who are capable of more and want to make themselves known to the whole world. But this is also a test that not everyone needs. Everyone dreams of success at Eurovision, but what about failure?

I never dreamed of Eurovision. I, as an artist, had one goal – to find myself. I have always known that this is the first step to success. I can’t say that I watched this competition, I was interested in who participates in it and what songs the contestants choose. I’m more inspired by other music, it’s more interesting to follow the big world-class artists. And, given what Eurovision has become in recent years, when countries were settling scores with each other at the contest, I think this pause will only benefit Russia.

– They often say about you that you are a kind of Stas Mikhailov for a young audience. With traditional values, you sing beautifully and talk about love. Tell me, did it coincide, or was it for the sake of PR that an offer was made to a girl on the New Wave and the track was released on the wedding day?

What an interesting comparison! (laughs). I’ll take it as a compliment. I am happy that I could become heard and my songs found a very warm response from the audience.

Remembering what the proposal was to my wife Sasha, I will say that I am the person who thinks about PR last. I am a Leo according to the horoscope, a fiery sign, very often I am led by emotions. We arrived in Sochi, it was great, Sasha was happy, and I decided it was time. Everything was quickly organized, and I heard the cherished: “Yes!”. If I hadn’t caught that vibe, the proposal would have happened somewhere else. I am grateful to the New Wave for the emotions that it gave us.

Speaking of a wedding day song: ask any artist, everyone dreams of dedicating a track to their loved ones. The release on our wedding day is a kind of sign of love, a desire to keep my feelings in the song as much as possible.

Photo: personal archive

Photo: personal archive

– You once said: “I hurt the girls very much.” Here tell, the man’s sight is interesting. Why do men hurt? And in your current relationship, you went through a grinding or everything was perfect right away – you fell in love and accepted a person with all the advantages and disadvantages.

– You see, when you are in love, you are driven by emotions, not by reason. There is a beautiful side of the relationship, but there is a wrong side, which only two people know about: jealousy, unwillingness to adapt to someone, selfishness. The person is very contradictory: he does not want to be alone, because he has too much freedom, and does not want to be in a pair, because he is not free that way. Where is this middle? It’s hard to say. There are men who defend their freedom in every possible way, sometimes offending a girl, testing her for strength.

When I met Sasha, I immediately realized that she was the one. At first glance, I decided that it would be mine and immediately began to take action. We had a long-distance relationship for quite a long time, we weighed all the pros and cons and decided that we wanted to live together. I was in no hurry to make an offer, I was waiting for some kind of catch, everything was too perfect. Sasha turned out to be an excellent hostess, and at the same time very self-sufficient and independent. Next to her, I wanted to become just as perfect. I hope I can do it.

– What qualities in a girl can conquer you? Or conquered.

– I admire girls who do not limit themselves only to the role of wife and mother. For every woman, and for any person, it is very important to find yourself and your business, to fulfill yourself as a person. If this is not the case, and a woman devotes every day only to her family and husband, she, in my opinion, loses herself. And when she harmoniously combines several roles in her life – a woman, a wife, a mother, a specialist in her field – she is much happier.

Photo: personal archive

Photo: personal archive

– And what in the girl could push you away?

– It’s hard for me to put up with insincerity, when a girl tries to play some role, behave in a way that pleases, rubs herself into confidence. I am very cautious about people and before I let someone close to me, I look at him, I question a lot.

– You say: “I think that love is luck. Someone is destined to be a tough athlete, someone is destined to get rich, someone is destined to not be hurt in love, and someone is destined to fall in love and be lucky in this. And you are lucky in this regard, what do you think?

– Next to me is the best woman that I met, whom I fell in love with at first sight, and who reciprocated, who became my wife and will become the mother of my children. Isn’t this a fart? Of course, I was lucky.

To meet a person who becomes your center of attraction, without whom you cannot imagine your life, who appreciates and understands you is a great success. This feeling fills you, you cannot imagine yourself without this person.

For me, relationships are, first of all, trust, when you don’t doubt your soul mate for a minute, as you do yourself. For any artist, this is very important.

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