[NEWS] The coach of the Russian national team Borodavko criticized the jury after the clash between Ustyugov and Bolshunov

The head coach of the Russian national team Yuri Borodavko criticized the jury of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR) after the incident between Olympic champions Sergei Ustyugov and Alexander Bolshunov, which occurred in the semi-finals of the skating sprint at the fifth stage of the Russian Cup in Krasnogorsk, reports Sport-Express.

Technical Delegate of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR) Igor Belomestnov spoke about the decision of the judges for the episode, which was attended by Olympic champions Alexander Bolshunov and Sergey Ustyugov. Both athletes received no punishment.

“First of all, the jury is to blame. They signed in complete incompetence. They could not keep the situation, which lasts more than one stage. They knew about it. It was left to chance. They could not understand completely and showed their unwillingness to take one side or another. But this does not happen, ”said Borodavko.

Recall that the struggle in the Cup of Russia between these rivals escalated over the weekend. During the sprint, Bolshunov caught Ustyugov ‘s skis at the time of overtaking. As a result, the race ended with the victory of Alexander Terentiev. Ustyugov finished fifth, and Bolshunov became second. After it became known that he received a written warning for violating the paragraphs of the FLGR rules 35.9, – “Creating interference with other participants.”

Earlier it was reported that Russian cross-country skiing coach Ivan Bragin commented on the collision of his ward, the champion of the Games, Sergei Ustyugov, with three-time Olympic champion Alexander Bolshunov.

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