New law forces the withdrawal of precautionary measures for 3 mafia bosses in Italy

Rome, 13 Jan. The Palermo Prosecutor’s Office (south) withdrew the request for the application of precautionary measures to three mafia bosses in response to the entry into force of the “Cartabia reform”, a new law that limits the crimes that can be prosecuted in cases in which victims do not report

The mobsters, members of the Cosa Nostra (the island’s own mafia of Sicily), could even have been released had it not been for the existence of other cases against them, which has caused strong controversy in the judicial world.

Accused of aggravated injuries as allegedly responsible for the kidnapping of two people who were detained during a robbery, the gangsters have escaped the precautionary measures related to this crime, after the victims refused to denounce their aggressors, for which the prosecution had to withdraw the request for imprisonment in application of the reform of the ex-minister of justice Marta Cartabia.

The three bosses will remain in prison under other precautionary measures, but the National Associations of Italian Magistrates (ANM) has expressed its concern about the effects of the new law, which came into force on December 30.

“The probable revocation of precautionary measures for crimes that have become prosecutable upon complaint, even in cases in which the president of the ANM, Giuseppe Santalucia, explained to the media.

The implications of these changes are of particular concern for crimes committed by the mafia, which is well established in large Italian geographical areas and has a high capacity to intimidate its victims and prevent them from filing complaints.

The main objective of the Cartabia reform was to reduce the workload of the Italian judiciary by limiting the type of crimes that the Prosecutor’s Office can prosecute ex officio.

The Undersecretary of Justice of the Brothers of Italy (FdI), the party of the President of the Italian Government Giorgia Melonia, conveyed to the local media the intention of his formation to reform the Cartabia law, promoted in the time of the previous Executive. EFE


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