New Frontiers: What Taking Control of Soledar Really Means

The battles for Soledar became hell for the Ukrainian army

The battles for Soledar became hell for the Ukrainian army

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On “Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” we discussed the situation around Soledar with a military expert, head of the Center for the Study of Social Applied Problems Alexander Zhilin.

– They write that the battles for Soledar became hell for the Ukrainian army, And the question is – what’s next? Kyiv admits defeat?

– The Kyiv side will do everything to mix it. Yes, nothing is finished on Soledar yet. Yes, the Russian army actually occupies Soledar. But part of the Ukrainian army was able to retreat in a controlled manner. We have a super task – to take the heights. Their understanding is that it is very difficult to take heights.

– What would you pay special attention to in this operation?

– The first is that the guys showed colossal courage. City fights are hell for everyone involved. This is such a physical and emotional intensity that God forbid.

– So what about the further development of the situation?

– I think the Russian army in the direction of Bakhmut will develop the offensive. The fact that we entered from the north complicated the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And there, too, a situation may arise when you can try to take the enemy into an operational environment.

– The head of the DNR, Pushilin, declares a turning point in the liberation of the republic…

– As for the DPR, the situation there will be much easier in terms of the alignment of forces and means. I understand Pushilin – he wants to give a positive message to the residents of the DPR. They are dead tired of war. If the situation continues to develop in a similar way, then the entire DPR will be under the control of the Russian army. But how events will develop further… Lend-lease opening is ahead. And it’s hard to predict anything. But I always rely on a Russian soldier whom I saw in battle. These are people who can crush everything in their path.

– Specify about Lend-Lease?

– The point is that it will be a different nomenclature, to a large extent, offensive weapons. And then what happens? Here are 11 Ukrainian crews trained for American F-16 aircraft. They weren’t just made that way, were they? So these aircraft will still be delivered? Perhaps they will be operated from military airfields in Poland.

– Is that possible?

– Perhaps.

– Should we take any action?

– Yes, and this is not only the supply of new air defense systems to the troops. There are many other things that should not come as a surprise to us with the start of Lend-Lease. It is not only about the quantity, but also about the quality of weapons.

– Zelensky’s adviser Arestovich said that the capture of the destroyed Soledar would not benefit the Russians.

This person is in a state of great distress. Its task is to informationally mitigate big troubles. But it is difficult for him to deny the fait accompli.

– The value of the transport hub is difficult to underestimate.

“Victory should not be extolled too much, but it should not be underestimated either. And even more so where so many months were cut for each square meter. And in the end, they moved to other, more advantageous positions. This cannot be underestimated.


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