New controversy in Big Brother 2022: Alfa harassed Nacho dressed as a woman

Alfa harassed Nacho dressed as a woman

in reality Big Brother 2022 (Telephone), Walter Alpha Santiago He became one of the most controversial characters. The 60-year-old man has had macho and sometimes even misogynistic attitudes towards his colleagues. Beyond his behavior, even the public continues to support him so that he stays in the game.

On this occasion, the aforementioned participant caused a stir due to striking behavior. It all started when some of the little brothers dressed up as women. While they were changing in the women’s room, Alpha jumped on top of Nacho, as a joke, and tried to open her legs. “Come out!” asked the boyfriend of The Torah, very annoying.

On Twitter, they questioned the largest participant in the house for his attitude. “Alfa throws himself at Nacho, he wants to spread his legs. They were going to play parade along with Thiago, but he felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to take everything off, ”wrote a follower about this episode. Other users thought that it was harassment and that it should be sanctioned by the production.

In addition, the leader’s test was carried out on Tuesday, which had a special seasoning. And it is that it was carried out among the participants who were in the house from the first day, Alpha, Nacho, Thiago, Romina, Maxi, Julieta and Marcos. And, the winner would not only have immunity and could save one of his teammates from the plate, but he would also earn a 0 km car.

In the competition, the contestants had to remain tied to the vehicle in play, without eating or going to the bathroom and without being able to sit or lie on the floor. Marcos got the 1st position, Juliet the 2nd, Alpha the 3rd, Maxi the 4th and Nacho the 5th. And, according to that order number, each one had to access the key panel to try their luck. “Whoever turns on that 0Km first takes it and is also the leader of the week,” he announced. Santiago del Moro before the participants began to pass.

The truth is that the finalists were choosing the keys in 10 batches of 5, but until the last instance none of them had been favored. So, when the panel was already empty, the conduit asked everyone to get in the car together to define the winner who ended up being Maxi. “I can’t believe it!” The man from Cordoba repeated while he hugged each of his companions.

Besides, Maxi decided to remove from the plate Nacho above Thiagoa resolution that seems a direct consequence of the betrayal of the young man from Gonzalez Catan Alexis the Rabbit, and the subsequent lie in the face that the Cordovan suffered on his part.

“The truth is that the plate is difficult. Whoever leaves, I’m going to hurt. I love all 4 of you very much, these hours were tremendous. I forgot about the joy of the car because I was with a thousand heads. I think I decide with my heart because it doesn’t work any other way,” said the participant. Then he announced that he would save Nacho and the final plate was made up of Thiago, Camila and Agustin. One of them will leave the house of Big Brother the next Sunday. The last participant eliminated was alexis with 56.19% of the votes.

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