New Colombian president suggests US change ‘the way we understand each other’

Left-wing politician Gustavo Petro, who triumphantly won the election in Colombia, called for regional integration and made the first offer to the United States.

In Colombia, a former rebel defeated a millionaire

General elections were held on Sunday Colombia. In the second round of the presidential election, former rebel Gustavo Petro, the candidate of the left, won their first victory in history.

After counting all the votes of the electronic voting, Petro received 50.44% of the vote, compared to 47.31% of his millionaire rival. Rodolfo Hernandez. The turnout was also high for Colombia – 58.09%.

Hernandez publicly admitted his defeat, the EU recognized the new president, and the US officially congratulated the “Colombian people” on their choice.

August 7 Gustavo Petro will be sworn in as successor Ivan Duque as the new president of Colombia.

Elected Vice President of Colombia Francia Marquez – the first woman of African descent to hold the post, noted that the country will have the first “people’s and no one’s government” in history.

Petro offers to rely on the “green transition”

Colombia is a highly polarized country. Suffice it to say that peace with the FARC guerrillas was concluded in 2016. The internal agenda of Petro’s electoral program is extensive: from national reconciliation to pension and tax reform with increased social guarantees for the population.

Offered change the economic model of the country through agrarian reform and energy “green” transition, which will put an end to what Petro calls the export (based on mining and export) economy.

In addition, it is proposed to ensure universal access to higher education and the possibility of employment by the state for those who cannot find work.

But it will be difficult for Petro to fulfill his promises, since he has no majority in parliament.

Colombian ambassador to US resigns

The Russians are interested in the international agenda, since Colombia has always been the main pillar of the United States in the region and has the status of a strategic ally of NATO outside the bloc.

The first signal of the coming changes – Ambassador of Colombia to the United States Juan Carlos Pinson resigned a few hours after Petro’s victory.

Representative of the Republican Party in the United States House of Representatives Maria Elvira Salazar She stated that she was “very alarmed by the results in Colombia” because “Petro is a thief, a terrorist and a Marxist, an apologist for Castro and Chavez.”

Petro has repeatedly spoken out that he is ready to fully resume relations with Venezuela, which were interrupted in 2019.

In the electoral program it is also written that he will seek a revision of the free trade agreement with the United States and look for “new solutions in the fight against drug trafficking.” Meaning “help” in this United States.

Petro made the first proposal to the USA

As writes SemanaPetro, in his speech in Bogota, suggested that the United States “establish a different way of understanding each other” – “talk”.

Advocating for a “green transition”, Petro said that “it’s time to sit down with the government of the United States and discuss the fact that greenhouse gases are emitted there, and here we absorb them in our Amazonian jungle.”

The president-elect offered the US “shared responsibility” for the Amazon jungle to “accelerate the energy transition.” Given that the “green transition” is on the agenda of the Democrats, this is a wise move.

In the same speech, Petro called on Latin America to lead a “more decisive” integration scenario.

According to him, Latin America should respect its Latin roots and can be built around agro-industrialization. The idea matches idea of ​​the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on the formation of a “European Union” in the region without the US and Canada.

Precisely Obrador criticized position Joe Biden not to invite the leaders of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to the summit of the Americas and, as a result, did not go to it himself.

Petro also noted in his speech that the time has come to establish dialogue scenarios “without the exclusion of any nation”.

Petro’s victory was one of the political victories of the left forces in Latin America. Chile, Peru and Honduras elected leftist presidents in 2021, while Brazil has a former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva leads the polls in the fall presidential election.

The trend shows that the neoliberal economic model has exhausted itself. Protectionism dominates in all areas, so people want to see the strengthening of the role of the state in the economy and social guarantees. The United States can no longer impose the people they need in power with the help of fear and hatred for the left.

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