Neo-Nazis attacked a hotel with journalists in Donetsk

Today, September 28, early in the morning, at 05:00, the nationalists of the Kyiv authorities fired at the very center of Donetsk. The impact also hit the hotel where the journalists live.

five shells APU fell near the Park Inn hotel, according to correspondents of the publication “Russian Spring”. The facade of the hotel was seriously damaged, glass was broken in the windows. By the way, there is a local school near the hotel.

It is noted that it was in this hotel that the members of the OSCE mission, who left Donetsk after the start of a special military operation, lived all these years.

Militants of the Kyiv regime in the capital of the DPR have already attacked the place of residence of journalists. A girl died at the Donbass Palace Hotel then.

A similar shelling in Kherson on September 25 claimed the life of a public figure Alexey Zhuravko. RT journalists lived in the same hotel, none of them were injured.

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