Neither Lozano, nor Tuca Ferretti; Rafa Puente Jr. could reach Pumas

Rafa Puente del Río is emerging as the new Pumas coach (Photo: Instagram/ @fc_juarez)
Rafa Puente del Río is emerging as the new Pumas coach (Photo: Instagram/ @fc_juarez)

Since Andres Lillini He left the Universidad Nacional club at the beginning of October, after finishing his participation in the Opening 2022 of the MX League, Cougars embarked on a search for a new technical director that leads the team to compete for the 2023 championship.

As soon as the departure of the Argentine strategist was announced, the first name that sounded for the position was that of Richard tuka Ferrettibecause the directive headed by Miguel Mejia Baron Y Leopold Silva they would have entered into conversations with the former university player to hire him.

But another of the names that circulated for the position was that of Jaime Lozanowho recently left the direction of Necaxa being eliminated from the playoffs. Nevertheless; neither of the two main candidates would have reached an agreement with the team and who did manage to convince the managers would be Rafa River Bridge.

Pumas is looking for a new technical director for the 2023 season (Photo: Twitter/ @PumasMX)
Pumas is looking for a new technical director for the 2023 season (Photo: Twitter/ @PumasMX)

In recent days, the version gained strength that Rafael Puente Jr. will be Lillini’s replacement for the 2023 season after reach an agreement with management. And it is that after the tuka and Lozano did not accept the conditions of Pumas, the former coach of Lobos BUAP did accept them, for which he won preferences within the team.

One of the virtues why the team would opt for Rafa Puente’s project would be because his disposition with the club Well, he presented his work plan before the board, a fact that the other two candidates did not do -according to reports ESPN– so that detail generated points in favor.

Another of the reasons that favored the election of the also sports commentator was the economic issue since the coach would have accepted all the conditions to take over the reins of the club, so Dr. Mejía Barón and Leopoldo Silva would have leaned towards the former coach of Juárez FC.

In the absence of the official announcement, Rafa Puente Jr. would be the new coach of Pumas. As for the presentation, the National University club would do it the next friday october 28 Well, only formal issues such as the signing of the contract and the presentation to the press would be missing.

When Pumas was left without a coach, Mejía Barón hastened his rapprochement with Ferretti since the background of both in Tigres made it easier for them to talk and among the fans enthusiasm was generated because it was said that if the tuka took the team would be accompanied by Guillermo Vázquez.

But part of the imposition that the Pumas board would make was to include an assistant in the management team, something that the tuka Ferretti refused.

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