Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, what do they think in the West, latest news on October 10, 2022

Let's remember who in the West spoke about the negotiations in recent days

Let’s remember who in the West spoke about the negotiations in recent days

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A situation that until recently was impossible to imagine: the West leaves Zelensky alone. This is not about the fact that Kyiv’s allies threaten to stop the supply of weapons or the war against Russia “to the last Ukrainian” is no longer relevant for them. The loneliness of the president in a T-shirt was indicated in another way: the West is increasingly and persistently talking about the need to start negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. And the leader of this country, with tenacity, suitable for a capricious kid who does not want to play in the same sandbox with the offender, declares that he will not sit down at the negotiating table with the President of Russia, he even signed a decree on this matter.

Let’s remember who in the West spoke about negotiations in recent days.

Former President Donald Trump: “We must come to immediate negotiations for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine or we will end up in World War III, there will be nothing left of our planet.” But Trump is still a former Republican.

Here’s what White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said yesterday in an interview with ABC: “We need to find a way to end this war. We all would like the war to end because it has gone on too long. For this, it is necessary that both sides sit down at the negotiating table and find a way out of the situation in a peaceful and diplomatic way.”

Even the warrior-diplomat of the whole EU, Josep Borrell, the same one who said back in April that the outcome of the conflict should be decided “on the battlefield”, has given up and is now also mumbling something about the negotiations.

Another unexpected turn – in favor of an urgent search for opportunities to stop shooting and start talking, not only Western politicians, but also well-known and very popular characters not only in the West, but throughout the world, speak out. Chief among them is, of course, Elon Musk. For his initiatives to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, which also take into account the interests of Russia, he has already received in full – both from representatives of Kyiv and from his American “hawks”. But he did not calm down, on the contrary, he got into the taste of peacemaking and even offered his own version of the settlement of another crisis – around Taiwan. And again, as in the first case, he urged not to provoke China to a military solution. And what Musk says, as is well known, is listened to not even by millions, but by billions of people on the planet. And he, of course, is not just a “successful businessman”, but one of the most influential figures who shape public opinion not only in the United States, but also in other countries of the world.

Why did the West suddenly start a bagpipe about the urgent need for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Firstly, the possibility of an uncontrolled escalation of the conflict was clearly indicated, which, according to Trump, would lead to the Third World War. Propaganda inciting the West about the use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia against Ukraine, they say, out of hopelessness and the impossibility of defeating conventional ones – this is a step towards an uncontrollable escalation.

Secondly, the current economic situation in Western countries, which have suffered from their own anti-Russian sanctions, is causing increasing discontent among the population. And the prospects of the coming cold, and maybe even a hungry winter, frighten not only the townsfolk, but also reasonable politicians. Defeat the Russian economy “quickly” obviously did not work. And strangling her “for a long time” can turn out to be more expensive. Here, too, the Arabs mixed up their cards for combating the energy crisis and limiting the export of Russian oil. Even in the United States, there are already many voices, including well-known politicians, who call, first of all, to help the American states that have suffered from the most severe hurricane, and not to convey money and weapons to Ukraine.

There is a third, perhaps the main circumstance – the military one. Bitter as the failures of the past two months have been for Russia, they were not decisive. And this is well understood in the West. As well as the fact that after partial mobilization, Moscow’s military resource in the conflict zone will increase significantly. The potentials of the two sides are not comparable. It is possible to win a propaganda “overcome”, including with the help of information fakes, but it will be purely temporary.

Well, one more circumstance – elections. In some European countries, they have already led to a change in the ruling parties. The latest example is Italy. And in November, the midterm elections in the United States, at stake – control of the Democrats over Congress. Biden urgently needs successes, which are still bad, or at least their imitation. Biden’s statement that he managed to avert misfortune not only from Americans, but from all of humanity will look very impressive. And for this it is necessary to urgently sit down with the Russians at the negotiating table. And it does not matter that Zelensky will not be invited to this table – he himself said that he had not grown up to him.

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