Natural fertilizers will become a new resource for export to China

A company from the Khabarovsk Territory has invented a new generation of organic fertilizer. The manufacturer expects that China will buy a novelty in industrial volumes.

Future cargo-passenger crossing to China on Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island will simplify international trade with China. The Far East Peat Company has presented a new product for export – a natural fertilizer obtained from peat and distillery waste.

After the production of alcohol and fodder yeast, the natural polymer lignin remains as a by-product, the disposal of which was previously a problem. It turned out that the substance is a real storehouse of carbon, with which agricultural producers fertilize depleted lands.

“There is a problem in China – in many provinces, agricultural land has become” poor. “That’s why they are so interested in our developments,” said the head of the company Alexander Timofeev publication

According to him, China is ready to buy about 300-400 thousand tons of new fertilizer annually.

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