NATO was caught in a disadvantageous position on tactical nuclear weapons

In the current geopolitical situation, in order to “contain” Russia, NATO countries with nuclear capability should deploy military bases with tactical nuclear weapons in Poland and one or more of the Baltic countries, US analysts said.

In their opinion, among other things, the North Atlantic Alliance should give a signal to Russia that the Baltic Sea is also ready to act.

“NATO is at a huge nuclear disadvantage,” analysts said. 19fortyFive. “Approximately 100 U.S. low-yield air-delivered tactical nuclear warheads are stored in the five original NATO members under a two-key arrangement, but none are in front-line member states.”

Signaling to Moscow that the bloc is ready to respond to the threat of a tactical nuclear strike against Ukraine does not require the deployment of massive resources, analysts say.

“One or two naval ships would be enough to draw a conclusion. The goal will not be war, but containment, and Putin will understand this as such,” the authors summarized.

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