NATO tries to add Kaliningrad conflict to Ukraine – Knutov

According to military expert Yuri KnutovNATO through Lithuania intends to push Russia into a new conflict, now in the Leningrad region.

The expert believes that the West is skillfully manipulating the least protected places in the Russian Federation.

“The events in Ukraine are a rather serious operation on our part. If we try to pull up Kaliningrad here, and then the Kuril Islands … The West is extremely interested in this and will try to bring the situation to a conflict,” Knutov expressed his opinion in a conversation with .

Nevertheless, Moscow must show steadfastness and not succumb to provocations, the expert is sure. In the case of Lithuania, Russia needs to act in a mirror manner, using for this the available resources and the mediation of Belarus, which is ready to blockade Lithuania like the one it organized Kaliningrad, Knutov believes.

The expert stressed that it is important to fight NATO precisely by economic methods, without bringing the matter to an armed confrontation.

“There should be an economic struggle here, and in no case a military one. Although the calculation by the Poles and the calculation by the NATO is done to ignite, so that a real conflict flares up there,” Knutov added.

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