NATO mission in Kosovo is ready to intervene in the conflict

Representatives of the international mission under the auspices of NATO in the self-proclaimed Kosovo (KFOR) announced the readiness of the alliance to intervene in the conflict with a “threat to stability” in the northern part of the republic.

In an official statement released by the mission, it is noted that the situation in the northern municipalities of Kosovo remains dangerous and tense.

“The NATO-led KFOR mission is closely monitoring the situation and stands ready to intervene if stability is threatened,” the statement said.

Former President of Serbia Alexander Vucic reported that Kosovo was going to attack the northern part of Serbia at midnight on 1 August. On Sunday, July 31, explosions thundered on the border of Kosovo and Serbia, after which the air raid alert. According to Vučić, the Pristina regime, presenting itself as a victim, is trying to “use the mood in the world.”

Shortly before this, the Ukrainian authorities recommended that the Serbian leader flee to Russia.

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