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On the 120th day of the full-scale Russia’s wars against Ukraine Russian troops continue to try to capture the settlements of the neighboring country. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and its territorial defense units are resisting aggression. It is impossible to quickly verify the statements of representatives of both sides of the conflict from independent sources. According to UN, about 14 million residents of Ukraine have already left their homes. DW is following developments on Thursday, June 23rd (Moscow time).


Kishinev cannot fully support EU sanctions against Russia due to the weakness of the Moldovan economy, said Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister of the Republic Nicolae Popescu. “At the current stage, the degree of stability and the ability of our country to solve the whole range of problems do not allow us to join a large package of restrictive measures,” the minister said.


Finnish manufacturer of paints and varnishes Tikkurila announced that he was preparing to leave the Russian market. It follows from the company’s message that the exit scenario (with or without the sale of assets) has not yet been selected. The company had previously partially suspended its activities in the country: sales were minimized.


US authorities do not intend to impose sanctions in relation to countries that import grain from Russia. This was stated by Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security John Finer. “Moreover, we want to clearly convey to food distributors and other countries that they can import Russian grain without any risk of falling into our sanctions lists,” he added , speaking at an international forum dedicated to the war of Russia against Ukraine.

NATO is preparing a new alliance strategy


At the upcoming summit in Madrid NATO leaders will announce a new deployment of forces in Europe, as well as adopt a new strategy for the alliance. This was announced by a senior US administration official at a press conference. According to him, in the new strategy of the alliance, Russia will be designated as the most serious and immediate threat to NATO.


Visas to enter the Czech Republic, as well as a residence permit in this country will not be issued to citizens of Russia and Belarus until March 2023. The exception is humanitarian cases, the press service of the Foreign Ministry said. The decision to suspend the issuance of visas and residence permits was taken by the Czech authorities almost immediately after the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine. However, the timing of the resumption of the issuance of these documents was not specified at that time.


The US authorities are achieving a positive result on the issue of accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO to the next summit of the organization, said Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Karen Donfried. She called the talks held on Monday between NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and representatives of Turkey, Sweden and Finland at the headquarters of the alliance constructive. Two Nordic countries applied to join NATO on 18 May. However, Turkey is consideration of these applications blocks. In particular, she demands that Stockholm and Helsinki refuse to support Kurdish groups, which are considered terrorist in Turkey.

The United States intends to increase the defense budget by 37 billion


Profile Committee US House of Representatives amended the country’s draft defense budget for 2023. Together with an increase in military assistance to Ukraine from the originally proposed $450 million to $1 billion, the country’s defense budget will be increased by $37 billion. Document published on the committee website.


Volodymyr Zelensky called on students in Canada to put pressure on the authorities in order not to let the war in Ukraine be forgotten. “Everyone is tired of the war. Therefore, by your actions, using social networks, using communication with friends, using exits to the squares in your states, do not give those who are somewhere at the top, in bureaucratic corridors, the opportunity to forget about what is happening in Ukraine, to forget about war,” the Ukrainian president said, speaking via video link to students in Toronto. According to him, Ukraine “needs weapons, financial and humanitarian support, constant sanctions pressure on Russia“, and this will never be much as long as the war continues. “We need strong support,” Zelensky said


Harvesting in Ukraine

Harvesting in Ukraine

US offers support to other states in case of problems with deliveries from the Russian Federation. If countries experience any difficulty in accessing Russian food and fertilizer exports, they should seek help from Washington, the US State Department.

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