NATO is not such a science for us: bloggers condemned a shocking video from a Belgian university

"strange dances" happened at a Belgian university five years ago.

“Strange dancing” happened at a Belgian university five years ago.

A photo: YouTube

A video was circulated on the Web: it seems like an official meeting, serious uncles and aunts are sitting, and in front of them a half-naked girl is dancing strangely. Shame! For some reason, we decided that the thing was happening on NATO meeting. And that while the threat looms over the world, military bodies are being considered. NATO members reacted extremely seriously. First things first, they removed the vidos from where they could. In any incomprehensible situation, cut out your opponent. But then they still vouchsafed to an official comment. Only very short: it’s not us.

Who? Attentive examined the inscription “University of Ghent” on the podium. And yes, that’s where the whole mess happened. True, a long time ago, in 2017. And the university has already confirmed everything, yes, it was the case.

And that’s exactly what it was. The new academic year started. Teachers, students, the atmosphere is a little festive. The management of the university decided to slightly diversify the holiday. And invited the art group Action Zoo Humain. Dancers drown for the environment, and decided not to deviate from the principles here. The dance, it turns out, depicts the suffering of a migratory bird that flies to Europe from Africa. But she is met by heat waves (global warming!), windmills and other troubles. It is difficult for a bird, it shakes it back and forth. No need to litter, take a bag at the checkout and leave your smartphone on charge for the whole night. Then the bird will raise its wings, and fly easily, freely and expansely.

The bloggers didn’t like the idea even then (it’s just that since then they have forgotten what the hype was about). Is it worthy of the educational process? What are our universities becoming? This is impossible in America, Europe is rotten! they wrote in 2017. As if they forgot their own adventures when they were students. Serious such, no strength.

Here is such a story. And so is the dance. Not the Bolshoi Ballet.

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