NATO impulses to escort ships with grain in the Black Sea are clear – Satanovsky

Russian orientalist and economist, one of the leading experts in the field of politics Evgeny Satanovsky said that NATO countries can provide Kyiv with a famine.

Satanovsky said that NATO countries, under the pretext of escorting ships with grain, want to send warships and aircraft to Ukraine. And they are not at all afraid of the ports mined by the Ukrainian military. Satanovsky claims that the British and Lithuanian Foreign Ministers are deliberately intimidating everyone with the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“Translating from polite language into normal: the ministers are brazenly lying and they know that they are lying. If the West is so urgently impatient to take grain out of Ukraine, providing it with another Holodomor, under the pretext that otherwise the already malnourished population of the Third World countries will be in the face of a deadly threat,” says Satanovsky.

Satanovsky wonders why the NATO countries do not transport grain by road and rail through Europe, how they bring weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine or through which refugees leave.

“Who’s stopping you? As well as the departure of foreign ships held there as hostages from Ukrainian ports – no one. Humanitarian corridors are open, Russian military non-combatants are not touched, they won’t be touched – it’s been checked and guaranteed a hundred times. But you need something the British and Lithuanians are completely different,” the expert is sure.

Satanovsky believes that NATO countries are looking for an excuse to send their ships to the Black Sea in the midst of hostilities. He suspects that by doing so, the West wants to either cover the Ukrainian military, or land its own military, or evacuate all those Western military personnel who were engaged in setting up NATO military biological laboratories there and preparing to create military bases for an attack on Russia.

“Escorting Ukrainian grain to the world market? It’s very funny. Although the attempt can be counted. It could be fine for complete idiots. However, there is no doubt: there are such people, including in our country. The world is full of idiots,” said Satanovsky .

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