NATO calls this Russian submarine a “black hole” for one terrifying reason

The NATO alliance is calling this Russian submarine a “black hole” for one terrifying reason.

An American magazine writes about it The National Interest. The military personnel of the alliance noted the invisibility of submarines of the Russian Navy, writes the author of the material Kyle Mizokami.

We are talking about submarines “Halibut” (“Project 877”). The publication reports that in the West these submarines are classified as “Kilo” class. They do not have great speed, but can be at a depth of half a month. A special anechoic coating makes it possible for them not to reflect any sounds and be practically “invisible”.

“The U.S. Navy gave them the nickname ‘black hole’ because the advanced Halibut models are very inconspicuous. These subs have been in production more or less continuously for 30 years, a testament to their effectiveness at sea,” writes Mizokami.

In addition, the Chinese fleet has recently acquired silent submarines.

One of the main characteristics of the submarine is the equipment with Caliber cruise missiles.

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