National Lottery: Progol winners

Did you participate in the Progol raffle? on October 10 and you want to know if you won? Here you can check the winning numbers disclosed by the Mexican lottery.

Take good care of your ticket, it is very important because it is the official receipt to claim the prize in case you are the winner, keep it in a safe place and try not to damage it.

Remember that you only have 60 calendar days, counted from the day after the corresponding contest is held, to receive your money. Once this period has elapsed, the right to collect the prize will have expired and its final destination will be the Treasury of the Federation for the benefit of Public Assistance.

All prizes are given in national currency and in the terms established on the back of the ticket as well as the regulations of the draw or in question. Forecasts for Public Assistance will withhold the tax in accordance with the provisions of article 163 of the Income Tax Law.

The Progol 2146 raffle winning combination is: LELEELLLLEELL V.

It is worth mentioning that the Progol contest is carried out by Forecasts for Public Assistance according to the dates published in each pool of the week.

if you want to know the full list of draw results Progol enters in this linkwhere you can see the number of winners and the amounts awarded.

How to play Progol?


Progol is a pool of 14 national and international soccer matches in which to win you must guess the results of the games: if local wins, there is a tie or visit wins.

Progol’s initial guaranteed bag is 5 million pesos and the objective is to guess the final winners of each of the matchesas long as it is in the 90 minutes of regular time, that is, without counting extra time and penalties, if any.

The progol flyer has a total of 14 football matches to be played and three columns of boxes to indicate the results: local, draw or away. With pencil, blue or black ink, you must fill in the boxes indicating your predictions about whether the home or away will win, or if it will be a tie.

In addition, you can choose if you want to bet a single, double or triple pool to increase your chances of winning a prize.

simple pool: In this pool you can only mark one result option per game, that is: it will win at home, it will be a draw or it will win a visit.

double pool: In this case, you will have the opportunity to score two results in the same match. For example: “it will be a tie or it will win a visit” or “it will win a visit or it will win a local”. You can play up to eight double pools for each day.

triple pool: Finally, you can also participate in this pool where you can mark the three result options in the same match. You can play up to five triple pools for each day.

Progol’s simple pool is priced at only 15 pesoswhile multiple pools have a higher cost which depends on the number of combinations you make on your ticket and can reach up to 4 thousand pesos.


What is the National Lottery?

The National Lottery for Public Assistance is a decentralized body of the Federal Public Administration that is responsible for holding draws with cash prizes.

Resources are allocated to public assistancethat is, raise money for the federal government and that is reoriented to seek equality for those Mexicans with the possibility of satisfying their urgent needs by themselves.

The National Lottery has legal personality and its own assets, because it does not receive budgetary resources from the Federal Government, it finances itself with the profits from the draws it carries out.

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