Natasha Koroleva threw a tantrum after secretly leaving for the USA

Singer Natasha Koroleva

Singer Natasha Koroleva


sudden departure Natasha Koroleva from Russia to the USA caused a real stir among the fans of the singer. The public is worried that performer of the hit “Yellow Tulips” Bought a one way ticket. Eventually wife of stripper Sergey Glushko could not restrain herself and burst into an angry rebuke to the gossips.

Natasha Koroleva shared a blog video in which she poses on the windowsill. Outside the window you can see a typical American landscape with tall buildings. “Thanks New York! The bird flew on,” wrote 49 year old performer.

The mother of the star moved to the USA a long time ago Lyudmila Break. The woman lives in Miami. So it is likely that Natasha went to visit her parent.

Truth, many thought that the star left Russia to meet. The vocalist did not stand on ceremony and spread rumors about her emigration. “Total lack of self-respect. Just grabbing something without knowing what, and write their perverted cheap fantasiesunceremoniously trying to push people on their foreheads and discredit a person,” Natasha threw a tantrum.

But on this Tarzan’s wife did not calm down. “I am a world-class artist by profession, with a huge creative history, whether someone likes it or not. But this is true. And in my work I have to travel a lot, not only inside my beloved country, but also outside it. And this is normal. There is nothing reprehensible in this … And cheap guys write stuff…“, – the Queen got excited.

She is currently based in Miami. “Mom is aged. Unfortunately, it is now difficult for her, as before, to fly to Moscow several times a year. Therefore, I got out to her. I had a few free days, and I decided to visit my mother. Why do we immediately start invent some scandals, drag in family squabbles, treason?” – indignant wife of Tarzan.

According to Koroleva, she will soon return to Russia. Her schedule is booked months in advance.

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