NAPC launches free anti-corruption courses for Ukrainians

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) and the Eastern Europe Foundation have created a training platform for citizens NAZK.Study.

As the chairman of the NAPC Alexander Novikov noted during a presentation in Ukrinform, the platform is being launched in order to explain to people about corruption and to form the integrity of behavior.

“I hope that we will change the culture of Ukrainians and have a real respectable European nation,” he said.

According to Viktor Lyakh, President of the Eastern Europe Foundation, in 2021 Ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 in the Corruption Perceptions Index. “Of course, this is one of the obstacles on the way to the European Union. But not only EU membership is a priority for us. The main thing is to build a strong, free and transparent country. Moreover, in wartime, corruption is unacceptable,” he stressed.

Lyakh noted the great positive effect for the entire state of the action of the instruments to combat this negative phenomenon. “The fight against corruption begins with a common understanding of how budgets are formed in the country, what is the role of this or that executive or legislative body, how funds are allocated for certain public or infrastructure projects. We would also like to talk about what zero tolerance for corruption means at the household level, what to do for people who have encountered cases of corruption,” he said.

The President of the Eastern Europe Foundation noted that the result of the introduction of a policy of zero tolerance for corruption is a feeling of involvement in what is happening in the country: “After all, we are the state.”

The head of the NAPC Integrity Office, Victoria Kozachenko, explained that NAZK.Study is a learning platform where everyone can take free online courses on anti-corruption topics. Here, important and relevant topics are revealed in accessible language so that everyone can understand and easily acquire new knowledge and skills necessary for work, social activities or general development.

Training is conducted on the topics: “Anti-Corruption and Integrity for All”, “Understanding Conflicts of Interest”, “Training for Anti-Corruption Commissioners”, “Training for Youth”, “Training for Educators”, “Funding and Reporting of Political Parties”.

Target audience – anti-corruption commissioners, free listeners, teachers and public servants.

To use the platform, everyone must register. This will allow you to sign up for training courses, view materials, and keep track of your progress.

Training is offered in a convenient format, courses can be taken at any convenient time from a computer or smartphone.

As noted, the best experts in their fields are involved in the development of courses.

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