NAPC advises not to delay the submission of declarations of changes in property status

The National Corruption Prevention Agency (NAPC) advises individuals and legal entities that must submit annual declarations or report significant changes in their property status or the opening of a foreign currency account, if possible, do not delay this issue.

The head of the NAPC Oleksandr Novikov said this during the presentation in Ukrinform of the educational platform for citizens NAZK.Study – online courses for a respectable country.

“I urge all persons who have to file declarations to file them. There is a technical possibility. The non-public part of the declaration register is working. Since this process involves filing not only annual declarations, but also declarations upon dismissal, reporting significant changes in property status, there is a risk for declarants. If this is not done one by one, then the declarants will simply forget to file certain significant changes in the property condition, when, for example, expensive property is acquired, or a declaration upon dismissal, an annual declaration, which will lead to the commission of offenses later. Therefore, I urge everyone, despite the delay, file them now,” Novikov said.

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As reported, the Verkhovna Rada in early March adopted Law No. 7121, which determined that any reports, declarations, etc. individuals and legal entities do not need to apply until the end of the war. Then the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption explained that citizens of Ukraine can file declarations within three months after the end of martial law. This applies to all types of declarations, as well as notifications of significant changes in property status and the opening of a foreign currency account.

Also, during war or martial law, no checks will be made on the timeliness and completeness of the submission of any reports or reporting documents.

Even earlier, the NAPC stated that it was not necessary to declare the aid that the citizens of Ukraine collect for the army and the victims of the war.

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