Nancy Pelosi flies to Taiwan July 2, 2022: live streaming of the plane’s arrival

Nancy Pelosi's plane flies up to Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi’s plane flies up to Taiwan

A photo: REUTERS

The plane with the head of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi flies to Taiwan and prepares to land in Taipei. Live online broadcast is on the site

About the planned Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan became known at the end of July 2022. The American politician intends to visit the island as part of her Asian tour.

In China, these reports were extremely negative, considering Pelosi’s possible trip unacceptable. The Chinese Ministry of Defense demanded that the United States cancel the visit, and a number of Chinese media called for shooting down the plane with the American politician on board.

Chinese authorities declaredand that such a move violates the “one China” principle (at the same time, at the official level, the US leadership also says that it does not support “Taiwan’s desire for separatism”). The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced Beijing’s readiness to respond extremely harshly to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan: the official representative of the department said that China “is ready to bury any enemy.”


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